2020 Hong Kong Global Sources Fair: April 11-14

Global Sources in Hong Kong - April 11-14, 2020 - ABKONCORE, a global leader in gaming and PC hardware, will be present at the Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show on April 11-14, 2020.

When? April 11-14, 2020
Where? Hong Kong Asian Exposition
Why visit? Grasp the current trend in IT hardware market 
What’s new? Upgraded models, hard-to-find open case, and much more 

ABKONCORE, the No.1 in the South Korean PC case and gaming peripherals market, will be attending, once again, the HKGS on April 11-14, 2020. Being their 4th year attending this event, ABKONCORE is now an expert in meeting the demands of attending buyers. After many years of sharing their expertise, they currently supply PC case, cooling, PSU, and gaming peripherals to buyers from all over the world.  

This year, they have extended their product line to meet the ends of the high-end market. At the event, you will be able to see the new Aluminum Cases, Open Cases, and multi-purpose peripherals. They have also prepared various models of gaming and office cases for the OEM seekers. It is a great opportunity to find the hottest products in the market.

Check out some of ABKONCORE’s newest models beforehand at: www.abkoncore.com