ABKONCORE parent company ABKO has been successfully staged in G-Star 2019

As a leading company for computer gaming gears in Korea, ABKO (www.abko.co.kr CEO Gwang-geun Oh, Taehwa Lee) delivers ABKONCORE’s brand value to global market. ABKO has been participated in 2019 G-Star at BEXCO and ended it successfully. 

ABKO booth that displays various gaming gears and newly introduced small home appliances drew the attention from many visitors. Those who are interested in the new products delightfully enjoyed the event by ABKO.

Computer components such as PC case, power supply, and CPU cooler are placed in a separate exhibition space. Newly introduced CPU cooler Xiros series and power supply series such as Settler, Mighty, Awesome, Ultimate are included. For PC case, ABKO showcased Suitmaster 322S Intaker, 760S Attraction, 761G Seraph and Ramesses 320 that are custom-built by Korean professional PC builders YD Mod, Byulcom, and Panda PC. The product exhibition drew attention from many visitors.

According to ABKO official, it is the largest booth in ABKO history at the exhibition in Busan, Korea. He felt proud of himself for his effort to prepare the event as the visitors enjoyed the event by ABKO. A certain level of expectation and demand from customers became more considerable to him because ABKO is No. 1 provider of premium PC gaming components, including PC case. He wanted to be more responsible at his role in ABKO.