ABKONCORE’s support E-Sports team “Afreeca Freecs”, have become the first place to join knockout stage with “Miracle”.

The Afreeca Freecs, which started with one win and two losses, advanced to the knockout stage in the 2018 LoL World Championship group Stages 6 by beating Flash Wolfs, Pong Bu Buffalo, and G2 e-Sports side by side. It was simply a fantastic "hit-and-run" by reversing his criticism that he was the worst player among the LCK teams in the early days of the group stage.

If the Afreeca Freecs lost to first opponent Flash Wolfs, it would be pushed to the edge of the cliff. However, Afeeca Freecs focused on the champion selections and follow the meta. 

Freecs’s dilemma was whether or not it was right to break away from the frame of the “Kim Ki-In one man team”. The sharpest part of the team will be revealed, and the right judgment on how much of the team's resources should be invested is needed. The choice of releasing the "Heimerdinger" to G2 on the first day, and choosing Sion against Wonder’s Camille was not good as a result for Ki-in. Freecs assigned more to 'Ki-in'. “Ki-In” then handed over a champion who could create the situation by himself such as Sion, and Ornn which can now be used as a tower in Meta. To Fong Bu Buffalo, Irellia, Jacks, and to Flash Wolfs, Akali, and the last G2 match, with Ryze which was never taken out of the World Championships allow him to perform “Ki-In” play he used to perform.

The Afreeca Freecs coaching staff's ingratitude with the Flash Wolfs was a glimpse of the Afreeca team's ambition by selecting Akali. Picking the champion who made a mistake in one stroke without breaking through the Alkali, there are many people who have doubts in the Champion selection of Afreeca, but re-impelling the alkali was a task that required more courage and confidence.

And the revival of the sluggish players is a factor that can have a positive impact on the k. Jungler 'Spirit' Lee Da-yoon completely defiled 'Mujin' Kim Moo-jin. In the middle of the first round, he did not create a situation, but rather missed the chance to score by avoiding a fight. But the second round was different. What was the first pick of the Afreeca Freecs? It was a Nocturne. It meant that he would play first by opening a fight and playing a leading role. Finally, in 9 minutes and 20 seconds, Nocturne used his ultimate to score the first blood.

In the beginning of the game, if the Jungler draws undercuts, the mid-liner will be responsible for the primary color. If you succeed in aggressive play on the mid-line at this World Championship, you will know how the game is going. Lee Seo-ro's performance was poor with Joey and Belcoz. So he changed his style to 180 degrees. With all the play styles Mid Liner can play, the eight-color duo 'Curo' performed superbly in the remaining three games of the team's fortunes. Each time he saved his team from the crisis, he seemed to be deadly in one stroke, but if he did not avoid it, he knocked his opponent down with a deadly attack. Swain found his pace more than Lee Da Yun. However, there is an element of anxiety. If a stable pick is taken by the enemy, there were not many options he could be pulled out with confidence. Joey was a bad pick, and the ice-hardening Velcos were not very good. In order to trust the LeBlanc pick with 25 wins and 9 losses in all, the variable that the multi-choice brings can affect the Afreeca Freecs' footwork.

And the best performance in the Bot Line is the treasure of Freecs. Ha Jong-hoon and Park Jong-ik's breathing became better day by day. The choice of "Varus", which has strong lines and has good push, has put a lot of pressure on "Betty" and made it difficult to supply and demand CSs. For Park Jong-ik, Tom Kenchi and Alistar really went well together. It is not a type of supporters who help grow ADC by taking small gains from the fine controls in the line race. Park Jong-ik's true colors are revealed when he plays hard. At last, a play that crosses the wall with magical engineering flashings, isolates and cuts the other player with Tom Kench, and a play that looks like a meal appeared at the World Championships.

Afreeca Freecs did not force themselves to follow Meta, but slowly managed to keep up with their good macro plays and fight against what they had to offer even if they gave up.