1. OMPUTEX TAIPEI (Computex Taipei), a global ICT exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan from May 28 to June 1, 2015, will present five major themes: artificial intelligence, robotics, innovation and start-up, business solutions, It is a world-wide exhibition that addresses the latest trends in the global ICT industry in conjunction with applications, gaming and virtual reality.

  2. ABKONCORE, which is a global ICT company and dominates the case and gaming peripheral market in Korea, also participates in Computex for the global brand promotion. Foreign press and reviewer from all around the world will visit and cover the booth and its products.

    ABKONCORE’s booth is located in the first floor entrance (I0118) of Taipei Nangang International Exhibition Center.

    ABKONCORE will display Ramesses series that show harmony of the thickness of 1T thick chassis with spider spectrum fans.

    Tengri series that feature luxurious six-sided glass and various logos types

    1. The Cronos series with a heavy design that can be selected according to the user's taste

      ABKONCORE's unique design, strength, a complete solution with a versatile LED mode

      ABKONCORE's CPU Cooler Cool Strom Series that maximizes cooling,

      A Mouse Series Born for Gaming Internet Cafes in Korean

    Real Channel Headsets Series and Virtual Channel Headset Series that attracts attention of Internet cafes users in Korea

    Mighty that provides stability and the best cost-effective price. Tenergy that stands out with DC-DC.
    Core Series that supports up to 1200W and is perfect for tuning,
    In addition, a variety of newly developed products will be exhibited.

    According to ABKONCORE officials, "By participating in Computex, it is a good opportunity for us to communicate with buyers and consumers from all over the world and to learn more about the gaming environment."

    ABKONCORE's booth will be located in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center I0118.