ABKONCORE, which has been loved by many people in Korea based on solid foundation, also participated in G-Star 2018. ABKONCORE has a high PC case share in domestic market and it has been loved by domestic users in recent years by focusing on gaming gear such as keyboard, mouse and headsets,

In the foreground of the booth, you can see these unmanned mobile phone charging bank. You can instantly pick up or find your cell phone, and you can rent a Power Bank. Anyway, you can see that ABKONCORE’s care for customers who come from a long distance or who can not charge the mobile

You can see a variety of non-contact keyboards, and show the top-rated waterproof keyboard (IP68 rating), and you can see that it is completely waterproof as it is running on water. (Model name: ABKO HACKER K660 switch exchange waterproof gaming Khail optical Switch)

You can see the keyboard with the retro design and the mechanical keyboard with various themes.

The company displayed a variety of mice. Made it possible for them to experience and buy them in the field, and displayed mice at an angle to view side LEDs.

ABKONCORE is launching PC case as one of the main products of PC hardware. In booth, we can confirm tuning PC with RGB white case 'ABKO SUITMASTER 310R IRIS SPECTRUM RGB' which stimulates emotion.

ABKONCORE’s G-Star 2018 ended in great success, See you next year!