ABKO/NCORE_2018 Hong Kong Global sourcing fair (Spring)

ABKO/NCORE has been successfully finished the show in spring season of Hong Kong global sourcing fair. Global Sources- the consumer electronics section was run from from April 11 to 14.this year at Asia World-Expo, with more than 65,000 buyers from 150 countries and territories were attended.

As a trailer, ABKO/NCORE had shown their first full-tuning branding cases Ramsses 310 & 320. According to the overseas review, not only the thickness and finishing are very satisfied, but also praised as the perfect case for tuning with Spectrum spider fans. The Ramses series is expected to debut in July at 310.320, and all series of products will be available at 2018 Computex.

Apart from brand debut, ABKO/NCORE has shown their new line-up for OEM cases, which has broadened the product range. There is a variety of new products line including newly designed chassis cases, Halo & Doubling fans with RGB sync , Spectrum RGB fans which supports the PWM function and also CPU Cooler in Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show where all the eyes of buyers from all over the world centers on.

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